Primrose Hill 
Refreshing landscape painting inspired by the panoramic view of the London skyline from Primrose Hill. The grass and trees are painted with vibrant shades of greens and the vast orange sherbet coloured sky gives a sense of space. Painted on a fine linen deep edge canvas, using a palette of greens, orange, yellow and a touch of pink. 

About the artist: 
Emma Loizides is a self taught artist from London. Emma creates oil paintings of idealised urban landscapes; inspired by city life, travels and the sensations of colour. Her signature style can be found in her candy hued street scenes and energetic urban vistas which evoke escapism. Capturing a moment in time. 

W30 cm x H 30 cm x D 4 cm 
Framed in a black bespoke wooden tray frame.


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Primrose Hill