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If you have an idea for a painting you would like, please get in touch to discuss further. It helps if you have a rough ideas of:

- What / Where would you like the painting of? (any images you have will be helpful)

- Roughly what size would you like the painting?
- If it is for a special occasion, Ideally when do you need it by? 

How long does it take? 

This really depends on the individual painting, how big it is, and how detailed. To give you a rough idea an original oil painting usually takes between 2-4 months including drying time. 

What to expect?

The timeline for a typical commission is as follows:
-Get in touch to discuss your commission, It helps if you have a good quality photograph

- Basic details confirmed & next available start date established

- Deposit paid (50%)

- Within 2 weeks of fee payment, you receive a pencil sketch to confirm you are happy with the layout before painting begins

- Once the pencil sketch is approved, painting begins and can take up to 2-5 months depending on the complexity

- We’ll send progress updates and requests for feedback along the way.

- A final photo will be sent for approval 

- 50 % balance paid upon approval of the final image

-Painting is packed and shipped 

What is the price range for commissions? 

Commissions vary in price based on the medium, size, scale, and subject matter, starting from £500 for a small oil painting. If you have an idea for a commission, get in touch for a free estimate. 

Can I commission an artwork similar to a past work?

Yes, this is a common commission request, is also possible to make small changes to an existing painting in the online shop. 


Can you give me some examples of previous commissions?

Need inspiration? Click here to see a few resent commissions.

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