About Emma Loizides


Emma Loizides is a self-taught London based artist who enjoys painting candy coloured street scenes and the energetic urban landscape, taking inspiration from artists Edward Hopper and Wayne Thiebaud.

After Studying Spanish at university and spending years working in banking, Emma admired the architecture and skyline of the city and began painting again. Inspired by city life, travels and the effects colours have on human emotion.

She spent a few years living in Las Vegas which has influenced her work, beaches, sunsets and palm trees feature in her paintings often. She often takes out the people and cars as she likes the quiet of early morning and the possibilities the new day may bring. Her paintings of idealized landscapes are about escapism and hope to create a moment of calm capturing the peace in the early hours of sunrise.

In September 2013 she had her first solo show in London, followed by 6 more solo exhibitions from 2013-2018. She has also exhibited in several group shows including the Society of Women Artists, The NOA at the Royal College of Arts and the ING Discerning eye exhibition in the Mall Galleries.

Emma has a studio in North London and likes to paint the skyline and streets of London, creating happy uplifting works to take people on a journey to London and beyond.